April 5, 2003

I am going to add a few things to my VFDOutputter when I get around to it, but in the last version I released last week I had added in support for reading kills from Counter-Strike and will be adding in more stuff like that, I just hadn't gotten around to posting this to the website after I released it. Also the kills stuff only works 100% if you are hosting otherwise it seems to be luck of the draw since it will often read someone elses kills when you are not the host.

March 26, 2003

So far the only programs I have uploaded are my VFDOutputter and a simple program to translate normal text to one of the many types of 1337. I have also finished redoing the webpage. You can read the VFD install guide here.

March 26, 2003

No real news yet but I am making a new site.

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