August 14, 2004

Been awhile since last update but I just uploaded an eary version of a program I am working on that can connect to ABCs web service to allow you to check on torrent status and add new torrents. It can be downloaded here. It is a jar file that can be run if you have the Java Virtual Machine installed. It contains the source and textfiles, to get these just open it with a zip program such as WinRar or WinZip.

April 10, 2004

Last week or so I uploaded a new program I made in Java, it's made to be like Galaxian. I just never got around to updating the page. You can download it here. And the release is here.

March 13, 2004

I uploaded a new version of the VFDOutputter I had sitting on my drive for quite awhile, I added a right align feature and also another character that appears as a block. I also upped a new version of the WallpaperChanger, this time it shows the proper name when minimized in the system tray, instead of VFDOutputter, also it saves all the settings on exit, and a rescan folder button is now there. These are both available here on the downloads page.

February 13, 2004

Wow look at me, I made an update. I just uploaded another program in Visual Basic, that I made the other day. It is called WallpaperChanger v1.0.0, and it will go through a folder's images, and using a timer the user chooses the number of minutes, it will change the wallpaper. I created it because a lot of my friends have been using the gay webshots program, and I wanted a faster, smaller program.

November 29, 2003

Finally got around to updating the site some, and I have just uploaded a Pacman game I have been working on, you can download it here. So far I have done quite a bit, it is playable but not quite done. There's 26 different versions, I went ahead and upped all of them, in case someone is interested. To play you will need to extract the zip to a folder, and you must have Java installed, then just goto a command prompt and do javac to compile and java Pacman to run.

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