March 20, 2005

New stuff today. I have added a new java game of blackjack for download here and an updated version of Galaxian here. The source code is contained inside of the jar files and to run you should be able to simple open them up, but if that doesn't work then save them and try double-clicking the jar in Windows, or from a console java then the filename without the extension. For the high score system to work, Galaxian's jar must be saved and ran locally.

January 18, 2005

The last couple of days or so I have been working on a new JavaUOClient version. It is now released, so go check it out. It contains an updated version of the console client and a new client that now has a GUI using the Java Swing API, and has incorporated the UOCoordViewer tool to display your location. To launch the GUI version use either the bat file or simply execute the .jar with a double click. The console version can be loaded with the .bat file or by doing java UOConsoleClient inside of the ConsoleClient folder. To use the map, the MAP0-1.gif inside of must be extracted to the folder with the .jar file, or else the map will not display properly. Go Download the Client HERE and the map HERE.

January 17, 2005

I have a couple new programs. I have added a Dvd organizer program I wrote in java and an Ultima Online tool that will display a section of the map at a specified coordinate.

August 28, 2004

New version of my Console UO client, version .11. It now supports multiple accounts and servers with only one instance by using mutliple autologin files. Download HERE

August 19, 2004

I just added a new Java program I have been working on for the past couple of days. It is a Java Ultima Online client that runs in the console. It can connect to the many freeservers out there but not the offical OSI ones. Check out the Readme and download it now. Simply extract the zip and then run the included bat file to load it up if you have Java installed. It has been tested on some WinXP machines and a Sparc system running Gentoo Linux.

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